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Hack WhatsApp by Phone Number

This article fully explains that is it possible to hack someone’s WhatsApp just by knowing its phone number. In addition, this article explains some possible ways through which WhatsApp can be hacked if ignorance is adopted.

Is it even possible to hack someone’s WhatsApp?

The first question that should be covered here is whether is it even possible to hack someone’s WhatsApp just by knowing his or her phone number. So, the straightforward and perhaps disappointing answer to the question for many of us is No, absolutely No. It is nearly impossible for someone to hack someone’s WhatsApp. The second question that could arise is, suppose we have the phone of the person whose WhatsApp we want to hack, so what now? Can we hack his or her WhatsApp? The answer to it is quite complicated. It is quite difficult but not impossible. Let us discuss the possibilities you can hack someone’s WhatsApp, get access to his WhatsApp, and spy on them.

Possibilities to hack someone’s WhatsApp


Most of the legitimate spyware apps that can help you in this are paid in the first place. Even if you pay them, they need you to have the victim’s phone physically available and they ask you to disable some security features that are set by the developers of the phone to protect you. Now, there are apps out on the market that promises you that they will spy for you on someone’s WhatsApp, just by providing the victim’s phone number to them, and also for free. Believe me, they are lying and are useless.

Mac spoofing

In mac spoofing, the attacker steals the mac address of the victim and pretends to be a valid person. But the same is the problem with this attack you need the victim’s phone in the first place, to steal his mac address, then you will be able to perform the attack, which is not easy to perform for a beginner. I am not sure what complications will arise performing this attack.

We have discussed some attacks that you can perform only when you have the victim’s phone in your palm, now let’s see some techniques hackers can use to steal your WhatsApp when they don’t have your phone. They use the techniques such as:

Social engineering attack

They will only be having your phone number and not access your phone physically. So, they will log in to WhatsApp using your phone number. As the phoned number is owned by you so they use the social engineering technique to get that 6-digit pin that arrived on your phone. They will make some excuses after you to make you believe in them and provide that 6-digit code. That’s how they will make you log out of WhatsApp. This usually won’t happen nowadays, as people are smart enough to judge that situation. And if this attack becomes successful somehow, the person can take back his account again easily. The only problem will be when that person doesn’t realize that his account has been stolen, the attacker can read all the content in the messages meanwhile.

Link to spyware app

In this method, they will send you a link. They will trick you by saying that your phone is infected with some virus or something and you need to download this software by clicking on the link to protect your phone from that virus (or they can trick you by saying something else). People not having proper knowledge click on the link and install the software, with the intention to remove the virus from their phone. But in fact, the software they download was a real virus.

That software could be spyware, trojan, or a backdoor.

Some Serious WhatsApp Hacking

As you know that WhatsApp conversations are protected by end-to-end encryption. So, a hacker won’t be able to understand the traffic of the victim he has captured. But there is a way to capture the data of the victim’s WhatsApp that is not encrypted. And that is to capture the data when it is uploaded to the cloud. As we know that WhatsApp has a feature to back up the entire media on google drive or iCloud. So, a hacker tries to capture the data when it is backed up.

This technique requires some serious hacking skills and is almost impossible for someone with very basic knowledge.

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